"We will share dreams and hopes of rural youth."

Project Information

Scholarship Projects

1. Scholarship program It is our hope to contribute to youth development needed in our society by providing financial aid to students from rural areas.
1-2 Volunteer Activities of Scholarship Student
A sense of belonging and pride will be instilled as a scholarship recipient from our oundation through volunteer work.
1-3 University Scholarship Student Exchange
Opportunities will be provided for scholarship recipients to interact and strengthen ties as well as share information with one another.
2. National Rural Youth Literature Festival This festival aims to contribute to the cultivation of healthy minded youth by developing the literary spirit through opportunities for the rural youth to engage in literary activities. 3. Juvenile Household Self-Reliance Support Project This project aims to contribute to the formation of a societal atmosphere where juvenile households will be able to live side by side in our society by instilling a sense of self-reliance through self-reliance financial assistance.

Creative Experiential Activities

1. Support for Make A Wish Program for the Youth in the Rural Communities . This is a support project providing opportunities for creative experiential activities to develop character and creativity among rural youth. 2. The Exploration Activity for Peace and Life This project was launched to help understanding and increase awareness of cooperation and reality of the divided Koreas among rural youth.

Activity for the Rural Youth Career Exploration

1. University Exploratory Activities This project was launched to provide career counseling for rural youth through conversations with upperclassman. 2. Career Exploration Experience Activities This project aims to contribute towards career choices through on site education and experience for rural youth. 3. Career Path Dream Camp This project aims to motivate self-development and learning in rural youth residential areas through camps and Seoul National University mentor program.

Global Leadership

1. International Youth Exchange Activities This project is based in China, Japan and Russia to promote understanding of culture and broaden horizons in an age of globalization. 2. Support for Volunteering Abroad This project aims to contribute to the development of global youth leaders by providing the opportunity to participate in overseas volunteer work. 3. Korean Historical Site Excursion Activities This project is based in China with the aim of contributing towards the establishment of a historical hall and Korean spirit inheritance through overseas Korean historical site excursions. 4. Advanced Agriculture Training There will be advanced agriculture training programs in Europe and Japan enabling students to gain first-hand knowledge. 5. Asan Evergreen Youth Training Center This is the best space for educational support and creative experiential activities for rural youth.
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